The economic dimension is one of the most important ones within a company. The company values the quality and saving of resources, wherever possible, aiming at improved processes.


Reciclagem de Álcool e Xilol

Alcohol and Xylene are products used in the laboratories. After use these materials were burnt, in accordance with ABNT/NBR 10004. With the project developed in partnership between the Environment and Sustainability departments, approximately 1000 liters of these chemicals per month are no longer burnt and today are recycled and used as raw material for solvents contributing to environmental preservation and optimizing the financial resources of the company.

Water Savings

Some equipment require pure water to function. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the water received from supply networks. The purification system allows for the transformation of drinking water into reagent water (specific type for use in laboratories). A part of the water that passes through this process is automatically discarded by the filters and would be disposed of in the sewer system.

We have deployed a project, aiming at the preservation of natural resources, which allows for the use of surplus water in filtration processes and generates savings of approximately 14 thousand liters per day. The water that would be discarded after passing through the purification system returns to the supply box and starts a new treatment cycle.

Travel Savings

The company has a Travel Policy, which aims at the optimization of the travels and stays, generating less impact to the environment and consequently reducing costs. In order to assist in the works, a big investment was made in telecommunications, which made it possible to hold a large number of meetings by using telephones, video and conference calls.

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