DASA is proud to be a socially responsible company, committed to the health and well-being of the community and concerned with the environment.

Our environmental management culture is laid out in our Integrated Management System Policy and applies to all processes and driven by DASA. The goal of this policy is to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System (SIG), by constantly adjusting the processes to their purpose of meeting the expectations and needs of customers and society.

We are committed to:

  • Prioritizing the quality of our services;
  • Promoting the integrity and health of our employees and the preservation of the environment, preventing pollution;
  • Complying with the legislation and other requirements applicable to our organization.

The environmental control programs deployed and observed by the Environmental teams are:


Wastewater management in the technical areas

  • Wastewater management in the technical areas. Wastewater stemming from the NTOs (Technical Operating Centers) is monitored every six months by means of physical, chemical and biological processes. Thus, it meets the legal parameters on water quality control of water bodies.

Tree Cutting and Pruning Permit

The pruning of trees needs to follow requirements stemming from a legal authorization, and this type of action must be carried out by specialized personnel.

Both safety requirements and environmental protection requirements are considered in this field.

Tree-pruning performed without the proper authorization is classified as an illegal act, subject to fines and other penalties provided for in the laws.

Infrastructure Planning on the Sites

New acquisitions, renovations and constructions of new units are carefully planned taking into consideration the legal provisions, in addition to improving the development of the services provided at the units.

Monitoring the Power and Water Consumption 

Establishing educational actions for the employees regarding the rational power and water use to avoid waste, aiming at the preservation of natural resources.

Monitoramento de fumaça preta

Method of measurement using the Reduced Ringelmann Chart, for the determination of the blackening degree of the exhaust gas emitted by vehicles and equipment with a diesel engine, naturally aspirated under free acceleration conditions.

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