Our Definition

For the Company, Sustainability must be in our DNA, not only for business development, but also as a means of contributing to society and its associates.

We have Sustainability Management groups whose goal is to lay the groundwork for actions that support strategic awareness and permeate throughout the entire organization, mobilizing associates to think and act strategically, while taking into account social, economic and environmental factors in all processes.

We are aware of how important these aspects are for society and we are ready to embrace this cause aiming at the maximum well-being of customers, employees, suppliers and the community at the lowest environmental impact.

Our policy is based on the Triple Bottom line:


Sustainability actions lead to cost and waste reduction, increases visibility on the market and facilitates the partnership with sustainable companies.


Sustainability actions contribute to the formation of a fairer society with the development of the communities surrounding the plants and by valuing our associates.


Sustainability actions contribute to the improvement and preservation of the environment and to a reduced consumption of natural resources (renewable and non-renewable).

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